Rose Cottage

We are back here to chillax after another busy Christmas visiting family and friends.

We last visited Rose Cottage in High Bickington back in March for my birthday, we loved the place so much we had to come and visit it again.

The large copper bath and outdoor hot tub are obvious big draws to this wonderful place.

The bath is big enough for 2 or even 3!!

A bath big enough for 2

Praying it will last forever

The cottage is old and has a thatched roof and very low Timbers in the lounge, not ideal for someone who is 6ft 3 tall, but oozes character.

The owners of the cottage think of everything, making it a very welcoming place to be. When you arrive you are greeted to the smell of fresh baked bread from the kitchen. A welcome cake on the table, and the sound of Michael Bublé playing throughout the house via the Sonos speakers in every corner of a room.

You have a log burning fire to heat the room which is so mesmerising just watching as the flames flicker from side to side.

But one of my favourite things about this place is the hot tub in the garden. When you stay here you spend most of your time in water, be it in the bath or tub.

Cheeky smiles with cheeky bums
Elfing around
Cheers Jelly
Looks like a full moon tonight

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