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Lockdown Naturism

Lockdown Sunshine

Ever since lockdown was announced back in Mid March,we have experienced exceptional weather here in the South East of England. In fact it’s probably been the best naturist start to any season I can remember in a long time.

I feel that during this time I have left my inhibitions down even further, not worrying about being naked in the garden. Luckily we have a south facing garden, but unfortunately a ruddy great oak tree which shields out the sunlight until at least 1.00pm everyday. I’ve also got 2 old neighbours either side of me, who unless they are hanging out of their bedroom windows shouldn’t be able to see me.

We’ve also taken this time of lockdown to get out and about exercising a bit more, and that has involved going for long walks across Longmoor Ranges just outside Bordon. Normally the red flags are flying which means you can’t walk through the middle, but during lockdown they have been down more than up, which has enabled us to go for long walks, often not seeing another soul until you emerge from the other end of the ranges . I’ve even braved it to strip off and walk au naturel when the coast was clear.

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Rose Cottage

We are back here to chillax after another busy Christmas visiting family and friends.

We last visited Rose Cottage in High Bickington back in March for my birthday, we loved the place so much we had to come and visit it again.

The large copper bath and outdoor hot tub are obvious big draws to this wonderful place.

The bath is big enough for 2 or even 3!!

A bath big enough for 2

Praying it will last forever

The cottage is old and has a thatched roof and very low Timbers in the lounge, not ideal for someone who is 6ft 3 tall, but oozes character.

The owners of the cottage think of everything, making it a very welcoming place to be. When you arrive you are greeted to the smell of fresh baked bread from the kitchen. A welcome cake on the table, and the sound of Michael Bublé playing throughout the house via the Sonos speakers in every corner of a room.

You have a log burning fire to heat the room which is so mesmerising just watching as the flames flicker from side to side.

But one of my favourite things about this place is the hot tub in the garden. When you stay here you spend most of your time in water, be it in the bath or tub.

Cheeky smiles with cheeky bums

Elfing around

Cheers Jelly

Looks like a full moon tonight

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Merry Christmas Everyone

‘Tis that time of year again when we celebrate the birth of Christ and get to eat too much, drink too much and basically enjoy ourselves too much, only to regret it afterwards when we discover we’ve put on half a stone in weight!!

Walking in a winter wonderland

Claire and I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy Nude Year.

Let’s hope it’s a lot drier and sunnier in 2020.

The naked bauble

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Splash Landings Hotel

Well another BN event attended this year, and this time it was going along to Splash Landings Hotel at the Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire for their Annual Naturist weekend.

Where’s the sun?

We set off from Hampshire at about 11:00 with Claire, myself , Chris and Richard representing the Haslemere Sun Club.

The journey was fine it’s just the time it takes to get there, about 4 hours. We arrived just after 4, having stopped on the way for refreshments and then at a local Tesco for booze in the room.

Once we were checked into our room, we were able to be naked until the time we left late Sunday morning.

The evening entertainment was great on the Friday Night, with a three piece band called Trident singing all manner of songs to suite everybody. The lead singer looked remarkably like Shakira a Scottish lady I dated before I met Claire, thankfully it wasn’t.

This was followed by a couple of girls playing Sax and bongos to Ibiza tunes, called Girls that Mix. Chris was very much in his element when they came on and thoroughly loved it. In fact they were very good and the drums were very infectious.

Chris with Girls that Mix

The next day was an opportunity to experience the water park as nature intended……naked!!

The log flumes were my favourite just had to make sure you raised your bum up so it wasn’t scrapping the floor. Lazy river was another fun area, ensuring that Chris and Rich got a good soaking from the waterfalls.

Splash Landings Water Park

The most energetic part was getting involved in the water polo. It was more like water rugby, a lot of pushing and shoving and getting knocked about in the water. I got bashed in the face by a girl and ended up with an aching arm and leg. Great fun though and Rich and I made a formidable alliance with my height and his accuracy at throwing the ball. Must say that was the first time I’ve sweated in the water!!! You got to know people quite close up too ?.

Evening time we had another very good band. Rang-a-Tang were a group with a jungle theme. One of the guitarists got in on the act wearing just a mankini, good on him. Again they were very good getting everyone up and dancing. The theme was Jungle night and there were some very good costumes, or should I say body paintings. We tried our best as tarzans but were not as good as a lot of others.

Us Tarzans. You Janes

Both nights we were up until at least 1:00am and come Sunday morning I just wanted to get home to my bed…….although there was another 4 hour drive before that would happen.

The weekend was good, the food was alright (except for the sausages at breakfast) and the entertainment was fab. Would I go again, not sure it’s a long way to go just to be naked for 48 hours. Claire didn’t enjoy it, but she doesn’t like crowds and loud noise so that’s why.

Had a fab time with 500 other like minded individuals.

That’s all folks!!

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Back to reality

After an awesome week in Vera Playa, it’s now back to reality in the UK, and the unpredictable English weather.

On my final day got to have one final massage, this time it was €50, but a full hour from head to toe and front and back. Must say I came back very relaxed and chilled……how long will this last when I’m back to work next week!!

The weather on our last day wasn’t at good, became a bit cloudy and a strong breeze picked up on the beach. Was probably the quietest day on the beach.

Either way I take away happy and fond memories of this trip and hope to visit again some day……..let’s hope its not too long.

Early morning stretch

My favourite bar – The Pirates Bar on Vera beach

Walking back to apartment after all day beach session

Posing on The balcony

Night time view of the pool

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Another day in paradise

Another gorgeous day in Vera Playa, not a cloud in the sky, so another day of sunbathing, people watching, swimming in the sea, walking back and forth along the seashore and the occasional beer at Pirates Bar to cool down.


Cheers everyone

After a day on the beach, Claire wanted some fags so we trotted off to the supermarket, only to come back empty handed as they didn’t sell them and the tobacco store was closed. Had to put my sarong on for this part of the journey and all I worried about was a gust of wind coming along and blowing it open.

Me recreating the famous Beatles album

Welcome to the Naturist area

Smile ?

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A first

Today I had my first ever massage. Got nothing to compare it to so not sure if it was a good one or not.

Sophia oiled me up for a 30 minute full body session. Starting in the buttocks area and pushing all the stresses out of my back and away from my shoulders, the whole time my head laying flat on the table with my face through the hole.

Then she turned to my feet, lower calf’s and upper thighs. Must say was a lovely experience and by the end I was feeling quite lightheaded and dazed as my eyes adjusted to the bright Spanish sun. All for €35, again not sure if good value for money, but will definitely be having another one, although next time may not be naturist.

Other than that it was a day to spend on the beach today, chillaxing and people watching.

Jelly chilling on the beach

On our way to catch some rays

View from the sun lounger today

People watching

Glass of wine after a hard days sun

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Our first naturist holiday

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally succumbed and booked a full on naturist holiday. Not just a naturist beach, but a place where you can walk around as nature intended anywhere, and no one bats an eyelid at you.

This holiday location is Vera Playa, on the southern end of Spain, where we have hired a two bed apartment through Airbnb. The apartment has access to a shared swimming pool which is nice and refreshing and is just a short walk from the beach, and the very relaxing Pirates Bar directly on the beach.Pirates Bar

The Pirates Bar

Chilling with a beer

The feeling of total freedom is wonderful. You can wake up in the morning, walk downstairs to the pool for an early morning dip, and then relax drying off in the sun on the sun terrace.

And then walk down to the beach about 150 metres away without a stitch or care in the world , and then do a spot of people watching from the comfort of the Pirates Bar outside decking.

The streaker

The sea temperature is also very inviting , although when we first arrived the sea itself wasn’t inviting as it was quite rough due to the storms they had experienced 24 hours before we arrived.

Bit rough


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